A Back-slidden Church


We are not in love with God as we should be, when in fact many in the church are simply in love with the idea of God, but not God. Many in the church are in love with the idea of church, in love with the idea of ministry, but are nowhere near heaven!

We would like to think that as a church we have achieved so much for the cause of the Gospel, when all we have actually done is to adjust it again and again and again until the world finally has greatly accepted it and has left many believers wondering what the Gospel looked like to begin with!

  • The world’s ‘acceptance’ of the Gospel is not good because it sees the Gospel, simply as another variant of religion; that it is just one more message, one more way to get to heaven. And that by being tolerant of it, they have greater chances of getting to heaven, WHILE STILL HOLDING ONTO DOCTRINES OF DEMONS.

We would also like to think that just because we have all these books, we have so many seminars, so many conferences, so many good Christian writers and preachers, speaking of the Gospel and speaking of the cross and the glory of God and His Son and the Holy Spirit that the church SURELY (we think) is zealous for God!

  • Doctors Running Around. Maybe we should think about that scenario like doctors running around from one operating room to another, to the emergency room to another room, in a disease ridden environment or in a war zone. In a disease ridden environment no one is truly healthy.
  • The health of a patient depends on how far or near he or she is towards death. But the surety of death is there.

Much of the church can be likened to that; preachers running here and there, trying to revive the church. And at some point trying to resurrect a valley filled with dry bones.

Some believers shall surely be quick to defend and say, “But we can’t be that backslidden! Look at our attendance; look at the people coming into the church every Sunday!”

  • And I will say, attendance is never a gauge for new lives in Christ!
  • We need to ask still, “Is there anyone truly being born-again?! Is there anyone new coming to church who has been newly and genuinely saved in Jesus Christ?! Or are churches simply shuffling people around?!”

What many Christians fail and ignore to ask today, and thus deceive themselves is, “IS THE LIFE OF CHRIST SEEN IN THE CHURCH?” or “ARE PEOPLE REALLY IN LOVE WITH GOD, ACCORDING TO HIS WORD?”


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