New Paint does not Mean New Hope

Am changing the name of this blog because of certain developments. 

I have seen over the past months that the initial title of the blog is far from what was in my heart. I did say Pursuing the God of grace. I liked that title because it spoke so much of AW Tozer; it could have been one of his books. But as the posts began to come in one by one, the title seemed to be going in another direction. Fractured walls, or we can say imperfections or the sins that still happen in the church, that glaringly and seemingly goes against the clear call of Scripture. The fractures are the underlying problems that seemingly go unaddressed or even neglected for the sake of peace or appearances. Non-repentance or a lack of humility can be considered a fracture, especially when it shields sin and sinners from much needed realizations of sin. 

In this case, a new or even entrenched set of leaders of the church that seem to gloss over sin in favor of new directions or new paint, as I have now pointed out. 


Fresh coat of paint on a church building is pointless unless it addresses underlying fractures that threaten the collapse of the church. If such things are allowed to continue, what you might have is a collapsed building with fresh paint on all its slabs. 

It is that sense that I agree with the brethren of old who have prayed for revival so much that it comes and overwhelms the church and consumes any more desire for sin and unrepentance. Only the Lord can bring such bright perfections to the front, in light of such blinded disciples. 


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