Taking God’s Awesome Power For Granted.

One of the great sins and impediments to a true and progressive work of God is seeing God’s work as “not up to standard”.  In saying that I mean, not up to personal preference or bias. For some believers, revival is not revival if it isn’t according to how they see it; revival isnt revival if they are not directly the ones who benefit from it; revival isnt revival if it’s not the way they want it. Even if there were great conversions, which, on this side of eternity we would have to call genuine and sincere, these biased brethren would still say that it was all hype, or it was all because of the music or the air-conditioning or some other reason even though. . .the word is faithfully preached–not for gain or fame but simply that people might come to Christ and His name be glorified.

When was God’s work subject to our approval? When did we start judging God in the “degree of difficulty” in which He displays His power?! Dont we always say as evangelicals that we don’t deserve His mercy and yet, when in fact He does show it, we would rather have “another kind of mercy”. Its like being given water in the desert, after walking for days without a single drop (which by itself is a wonderful act of God’s power and mercy), we ask, “Do you have Evian? Because only Evian can quench my thirst”.

Are we not behaving like the Pharisees wherein they taunted the Lord to get down from the cross, “IF” He was really the Messiah?

Should God in HIs mercy send revival to His church, to a group, to a missions outpost, cell group or Bible study, it shall certainly not be because of these skeptics. It will simply be for the glory of His name.


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