Taken Hostage.

In this day and age, I dont think there are a lot of people left clueless about the fact of terrorists and hostages. The past two decades have shown us the kind of horrors that terrorists can do, even to unarmed civilians. But have you ever considered the spiritual parallel of hostage taking in the church?

A hostage is someone unlawfully detained against their own will; putting a stop to their lives and putting them in a life threatening situation. Same with people in the church, held hostage by our laziness, held hostage by our quirks and disobediences, held hostage by our annoyance with brethren.

When we react against God’s sovereign will or His clear moral will, we raise several levels of tantrum. That tantrum now spells into laziness, now spells anger towards church leaders, especially the pastor, now spells “I dont want to do church anymore, because this is too much!” Even when, there is no clear pronounced, actionable sin that they react to. Its just them.

Another group, we can quickly add to this is people who simply have no love for the church. The dialogue goes, “Let them do it; I’m spiritual enough already, I dont need to be discipled, etc.” But all that again, is bundled up in an enigmatic pressure of stopping the life of the church dead in its tracks.

When the hearts of Christians become stale towards God and His work, the church is held hostage.

It is detained unbiblically, when in fact the Shepherd beckons us to go; its life is stunted, the opportunities for growth are lost from week to week or day to day, depending on how active the church is, and its very life is put in danger. With that kind of attitude soon, others will be INFECTED by such sin formed attitudes. Pretty soon, many in the church will feel like the church is going nowhere and also feel that they don’t like to do church anymore.

Where will such attitudes bring the church of the Risen Savior?

How dare we put our sin tainted desires over love for God and His church!


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