Silly Lawyers and Judges

We should ask ourselves continually, “SHOULD WE NOT BE READY TO COURAGEOUSLY EXPOSE FALSE TEACHERS, IF THEY ARE MISLEADING PEOPLE AWAY FROM GOD AND INTO HELL? WHAT SHOULD WE FEEL TOWARDS PEOPLE WHO DECEIVE OTHERS INTO COMMITTING ETERNAL SUICIDE?” And that is exactly what it is as well, eternal suicide, because hell is an eternal death. The soul of man is always dying but also, always being revived to experience punishment once more, for an eternity.

As fallen human beings, there are times when we act as prosecuting lawyer and judge of people who are tried by media. We see the case unfold on television, we learn of new evidences and new witnesses in the case, and we conclude after a while that the person is truly guilty. Even though, due process has not yet been accomplished. Here in our country, a person is guilty until he is proven innocent—a lot of third world countries and citizens experience this.

We know how to judge people, even with the slightest hint of wrongdoing. And if God had allowed a different society to unfold for us, we would have gladly been executioner as well!

But how come, when it comes to false teachers at times, so many Christians are willing to sit on the fence and play dumb? Even if, God has already pronounced them guilty.

I don’t really think that it involves our view of eternity or a man’s soul that we hold off on our needed actions of courage against such people. Because even if these were not false teachers, we gladly push people into hell for assumed wrongdoing.  Don’t we?

It’s most likely that we simply don’t share the verdict or judgment of God as strongly as we should. Its either:

We don’t believe that such people deserve hell;

Or we don’t believe in God’s holy wrath as much.

Either way, it is great unbelief.

Sitting on the fence was not the action that Jesus did towards such people. He condemned them. And even if we look at Matthew 7, which is part of the Sermon on the Mount, His first sermon, he was already condemning them. So, He condemns them in His first sermon, as He starts off His ministry and then He still condemns them in His final sermon, as He prepares to end His physical-earthly ministry.

There is no escaping the thoughts of Jesus regarding the Pharisees and the Sadducees and every other false teacher in the world.




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