Indifferent Visionaries?

Here we go again. . . Do you know what blind visionaries are? Precisely. No Such thing should exist, but they do. These are people who are supposed to lead the church and yet, have no desire to go anywhere. Hardly can you hear them, nor see them, speaking of wondrous things they desire for the church. Like shepherds who doesn’t seem to want the sheep to eat green pastures anymore. But they do. They want to eat green grass, drink from cool and quiet waters. But they forget the sheep.

The sheep are left in great want and at times confusion and anger. The sheep knows that they’re supposed to be led and fed, but the shepherds are not doing it. What gives?!

Leaders of the church are supposed to be the greatest visionaries of all, and yet they stand and behave as blind men and women. They can see alright, but only two feet out. That is as good as blind. They seem to look, but not really. They pretend with the small twitching of their muscles, straining of their necks, looking into the telescope, their faces seemed puzzled as to whether or not they truly see something–when there is actually nothing!

Indifference is the reason for such a malady. They love themselves. They don’t really love the church. A leader who does not love the church and does not long to lead the sheep into greener pastures, does not long to see them grow into Christ-likeness can hardly be called a leader. What are they? Only God knows what they are.

May the Lord always supply His church with leaders who will love the people and desire to lead the sheep into Christ-likeness, green pastures and still waters.


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