Spiritual Alzheimer’s. . .

From what I know of Alzheimer’s disease, people forget things. . . many things. They might remember for a few moments and then snap right back into oblivion. But for the most part they just continue to forget and forget; until even the mind forgets to inform the body on how it should function.

There is something like that in the church. There are people who have been once used mightily of God; people who saw things for the Lord; people with vision; people who were hungry for God; people who are merciful, compassionate and not angry. But at some point, for so many reasons, they start to forget. They slowly lose the memories , the thoughts they once had for God and His church. The passion that they used to have has waned, if not all completely left them. Trials for sure has something to do with this. The trials, though regulated by God’s grace were simply too much to handle for them–from their end. They lost hope; they lost zeal. And all the wonderful things they used to long for and even see in Christ for His church, is a long and dark forgotten dream.

How do such people behave today? Like Alzheimer’s patients they have forgotten many of the things that God has shown them. Like elementary children, they have been reduced to trying to go up against flash cards on addition and subtraction–not even multiplication. The “divine physics” subject that they used to revel in, looks like the Mount Everest of impossible to them. They no longer run complex scenes and truths of amazing grace in their minds and hearts–they have simply lost it. They have become suspicious of any motion to advance the cause of the Gospel and the church in whatever way. And even if they do say “yes” it is with the biggest stamp of caution one can find.

The sadder thing in all of this is that these are not old people. we are talking about young people, middle aged people who have simply lost the fond memories of God’s grace in their lives.

Perhaps, it is the Lord’s discipline upon them. Perhaps not. Maybe, they became bitter. Bitterness has a very real way of simply sapping the life out of us.

For such brethren, it shall only be the Lord to take them out of their spiritual slumber.

Let us pray that the church remembers the greatness of God and His grace.


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