Aye Chihuahuas in The House!

 In the house of God that is! Chihuahuas in the Church. When i was growing up my cousin had a pet chihuahua. . . cant even remember the name of the dog. I really did not like it. I like dogs; in fact I cant remember a time wherein we didnt have one–only now. That tiny dog, held me and my brother almost hostage upon entering the house of my aunt. Yup! Hard to believe, all 6 feet of me. We couldnt move from where we were.

What does that dog have to do with the church? Well, that particular chihuahua was a very annoying one. It kept barking and barking, even if it was already barking at someone who was entirely capable of sending that dog into flight mode by kicking. It had a shrilly tone in its bark; like a battery-operated toy dog that came to life.  It doesn’t seem to know when to simply bow down to a bigger figure of authority.

Sadly, there are also people like that in the church. There are people who, instead of working together with others, following leadership, has found it more convenient for them to yap away like annoying chihuahuas. Does it make th church grow any? I don’t think so. Does it make the church seem more Christ-like? Absolutely not!

The usual people who do this are usually insecure people; people who need to be heard or recognized as significant or intelligent. Such people actually think by all that rhetorical hot air, that they are behaving as mature believers. When the opposite is quite clear.

Such people do not love the church. Such people love only what they think is right and do not love God at all by what they do.

Perhaps someday, these chihuahuas will become sheepdogs (whatever breed that might be); sheepdogs that will help leadership shepherd the church. Wouldn’t that be a wonderful sight to behold? Many if not all members of the local church, helping one another, loving one another, just as Christ loved His church? Wow! That would be great! Although, I don’t think I will live long enough to see that happen in the church i belong to. My faith is shattered and flailing at best with this regard.

O Dear Lord, help me believe that You can still do this!

For those of you reading this, don’t be a chihuahua! Pursue God with all your strength; help the church; pray for it; pray for your leaders; help them; love them and forgive them.


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