Roots of the Blog

A.W. Towzer, I would say is the very  instrument that the Lord used for me, to really  know what hunger for God really is. the first  time i picked up his book was during a personal  prayer and fasting retreat in Antipolo. I  borrowed his book from the facility’s library  and was dumbfounded by what he wrote there.  I actually struggled so much with the words  and concepts he used as language–so rich. It  challenged me to my core to think correctly  and reverently about God. it took me a while to  even get to the next chapter because I found  myself, stopping and really meditating on what  was written.

That was perhaps way back 1990. It has been 20 years since that first encounter with the book THE PURSUIT OF GOD, but am still thrilled every time I re-read it. Yups! About 5 times already I think or more. It has been a watering hole for me, when times in my walk has just been messy and quite discouraging.

To whoever reads this, borrow a copy from your church library. If not, which is the better way, buy a copy of it. It will never fail to be a wonderful supplement to our quest to truly pursue God in all of His wonders.

God bless!


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