My Cousin and The King James Problem

hi  Carlos,
what else can i say?  you have interpolated the matter very well with all humility and simplicity. what struck me most was when you said ” in heaven there will be no sections labelled for those who use KJV or the NIV etc. it still sums up to a repentant sinner accepting Jesus as his Saviour and Lord .

i got alarmed of this issue last sunday when i told my pastor that i went to pcbs last month to buy a thompson chain refrence bible. tapos when i got home i saw it was king james version. i wanted a new king james version so i called the store. manager, he informed me to wait for my order.  a month past still no version i like and i cant open it cuz it has to be exchanged. manager said no refunds so he suggested there would be an upcoming thompson seminar where they will give new thompson chain reference bible, there would be 3 day seminar on how to use the bible and teach /guide leaders and pastors how to make a sermon.  the seminar costs 1,300 pesos. so i attended. the bible they gave was an NIV. i told my pastor what i did last week and adviced me to get rid of the NIV and get back to the store to have my KJV instead. i was surprised. he just told me some negative points on the NIV but he has a library  of books to show me next time. what i did was to search on the internet myself. truthfully, i was convinced of what the article says but i missed the points that you wrote down. salamat na lang i have a cousin pastor like you who can defend on what matters most. thank you. i am proud of you.

God bless you and your family and your ministry.  till next time. crying na ako. take care.


From: Carlos Figueras <>
Sent: Tue, 9 March, 2010 3:42:05
Subject: NKJV over KJV is not the issue.

Hello Cathy,
Here’s an email reply I sent to mama on something you sent her. Hope it helps you as well.
Dear mama,
while the article does bear some merit, the New King James Version is not entirely derailing to the cause of the Gospel.
For every Hebrew and Greek word used in the original manuscripts, there can be more than one interpretation per word. meaning a word can have two to three uses in their original language. I find the Greek language one of the richest languages in the entire history of mankind, that is why the Lord used it in writing the Bible and the Septuagint. The symbol on the Bible is an isolated case. not every NKJV Bible has it, especially if its a local reprint. That particular notation is zealous but narrow-minded. And my question is why not bring other translations to question which are far more misleading than the NKJV. The NKJV is almost a direct equivalent translation. Next to the New American Standard, it is one of the best translations along with the ESV. The translations that does the real damage is the Living Bible, Amplified, the Message–all paraphrased versions. Versions that many hyper faith and erring Bible teachers and preachers uses.
Clearly this is an agenda of those people who are bias and many times blinded to the KJV. as if God cannot move if its not according to the Bible written during the time of King James. We must remember that these are all at best TRANSLATIONS, Paul did not even envision the kind of narrow minded arguments that the KJV conundrum has created.
We must also remember that in heaven, there will be no sections that will be labeled for those who have used the King James Bible only and then find another section that is reserved for NIV translations only. The Lord promised mansions in heaven, for those who have followed Him and have desired so much to see Him face to face. The thief on the cross did not even have a Bible with Him, and NOT EVEN THE APOSTLES had a Bible in tow when they preached the Gospel. Not even King James or the people who translated the KJV was alive when they preached the Gospel.
Would we deny brethren from heaven just because they used a different Bible translation? What if that was the only Bible they had in their midst? Would we shove them gamely into hell just because they used the NIV or the NASB and not the King James? is king James in all of his glory and wisdom and HIS IMPERFECTIONS now over Jesus Christ who was sinless and entirely unintending that such a narrow minded conflict be a mark of His eternal Kingdom?!
I think not.
IF PEOPLE WILL NOT COME TO CHRIST, THEN IT IS NOT THE FAULT OF THE TRANSLATION, IT IS THE SINNER’S HEART. PEOPLE HAVE REJECTED JESUS CHRIST EVEN WITHOUT LAYING THEIR HANDS ON A NEW KING JAMES VERSION OR ANY OTHER VERSION. We must remember Pharaoh in all of his wisdom andpower and glory, rejected the name of God, even after seeing the very power that allowed him to be Pharaoh. The Ten Commandments were not even written yet. There was no written form of God’s Law and yet people have already turned their backs on God. And even when the LAw was written in stone, people still rejected Him. The Ten Commandments was not written in NKJV only. Nor was that symbol even present then.
I say to the people who nit pick and split hairs over such things, STICK TO THE ISSUES OF ETERNITY. WE LIVE IN AN IMPERFECT WORLD.
Preach the truth in season and out of season, from whatever Bible there is that you have, for as long as it brings out the very truth. The King James Version is just a translation. It does not have a monopoly on God’s power or any other translation for that matter.
Hope this helps all of us sort these things through. 

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