Comatose Confession

One of the great problems of the modern day church today is that when we read the prophets condemning the sins of Judah or Israel, we fail to see ourselves in those same sins.  Perhaps thinking that as the church we could never be guilty of such ghastly sins. Our sinful, defensive mechanisms point elsewhere.

For example, if we see the church not as zealous, not as holy, or as loving towards one another, what do we say? What do we do? There are times that instead of asking ourselves, “Perhaps I have not prayed enough for this person or that concern. . .?” Instead of zealously jumping the gun and putting the blame on others.

  • If the people are backslidden and sinning who gets blamed first? The person backsliding and then the pastor (the preaching, the manner of delivery, the substance of the message, the examples).
  • After that the kind of music and songs we use in worship is tagged as one of the usual suspects; then the seat mate; then the name of the church; then the time of the service (9am is just too early), so on and so forth.

We tend to blame so many people and things. And yet, fail, because of both self-righteousness and cowardice to bring the finger around and confess that we are part of the problem.

  • In my 13 years as pastor, observing believers in this church and other churches as well, I have concluded that there is a great willingness, almost a perverted sense of excitement in so many brethren in confessing the sins of others—pointing out their sins.
  • But in those 13 years as well, it is my definitive observation that we are almost comatose in confessing our own sins in a very sincere and humble way.
  • We develop a sense of spiritual arthritis with our fingers and wrists. We have the utmost difficulty of bringing around our fingers to point to us and say, “I have also sinned”.

There is some confession, but not always humble. Some confessions always have the bodyguards of Self-Righteousness and arrogant Self-Justification. and lets not forget managed by their manager False Humility.

With that kind of scenario, it is truly and simply the Lord’s mercy that shall help us out of where we are.

May we see in it in our lifetime!



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